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No more pixelated iphone photos!
Finally brought my DSLR out, and had a little fun time with it!
I really have a lot of ideas of how to take photos, but I dont have a willing model, and most of the time I wish to be in the photo too, hahaha. 
So its really hard to produce nice, my ideal kind of photos, especially with a photographer who is borned with shaky hands, and bossy too.
hahaha, charis dont kill me please. 

So we went to the airport to do our geography project on tourism. 
Today, is also my virgin drive onto the main road with my dad's car. I drove to Charis's house to pick her up, and I think it was not bad. 
Oh well, practice, practice, practice!!

P.S okay, these photos taken by DSLR don't look as clear as it should be too. Hmmm, its the photographer's style. HAHAHA xD