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High Tea Again

So our LadurĂ©e macaroon hunt became a high tea session at Antoinette, Mandarin Gallery. 
It was a pleasant surprise as Arteastiq was closed for a private event. So while making our way down, we saw this cosy cafe/restaurant and went in for high tea (:

I have no idea whats with me and high tea recently, but eating sweet stuff in the afternoon really makes my day. I guess its just the time of the day where you should consume some sugar to allow you to carry on with the rest of the day. 

The food is good, I love love love my banana sorbet (which looks like mash potato to me at first, I thought the waiter served the wrong dish), but it was so so good! 
The whole dish is really really awesome, and its really suitable for sweet tooth. 

Overall, I had a pleasant afternoon, chilling with my bff, and spending all my bff's money thats why we didnt get the macaroons in the end ):

Only if we are rich, capable, successful persons, that had worked hard and now have the time and money to chillax.