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Red Velvet Love

I feel so blessed to see my dad waiting for me at the parking lot after my lesson ended at 2pm. 
and cos he is on leave, but sadly, our neighbour is renovating the house, so we couldnt go home as it was so noisy.

Instead, I took over the steering wheel and drove my dad to Marina@keppelbay. 
I swear thats my favourite place to chill, but ironically I dread to go there since its a long walk in. 
But now that I could drive, its sooo convenient, and its so near my place too. 
So I drove my dad there, proving I can drive safely there and park safely there, so next time he will at least let me drive alone there, hehehe. *evil*  

Yet again, I having a good afternoon tea. 
I really think I am consuming too much sugar these few weeks though. 
But I guess its okay, it really make the day feel better, and I manage to finish some work at the cafe, with the great companion of my dad, caffeine, cakes and nice scenery. 

Cant wait for tomorrow and friday, cos I will be spending my evening at the Singapore Grand prix! ^^