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Dark Aura

I apologise for more than a week's worth of absence of blogging. This is mainly because it had been a week of emotion roller-coaster, where I many of the times I had fallen into the pitch darkness of hell. Emotions are such a weird thing, I cant quite out my fingers on it. It is something so intimate but yet at the same time, it is usually controlled and caused by other people. 

As this hell week ends, with the completion of the monster DSC individual assignment as well, I hope that there will never be another round of whatever I felt and dealt with the last week. There is just so much the heart can handle. So by ending the week right, and more importantly starting the week well too, I decided to dress up in this black maxi dress that I had bought in Seoul. Its my first time wearing it too, and I remembered the exact reason why I fall in love with it and bought it in the first place. The back/side cut-out detail gives just the right amount of attention/exposure. Bringing a ted more excitement and style rather than just a normal black maxi dress. If you are already feeling too dull and moody and doesn't want a black maxi dress to further bring about a dark aura around you, just top it up with your favourite coloured shirt. But again, who will say that they don't feel pretty in their LBD. 

Just like in life, sometimes the smallest decision can start a brand new story.