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Today's post featuring my BFF Charis!~

What will be more comfortable and suitable than an oversize LA tee for a lazy afternoon shopping spree followed by a seemingly endless Korean BBQ buffet right. Besides, this eat-till-you-drop-and-never-gets-fat-that-makes-me-super-jealous bbf will look good on anything, even in the simplest tee cos of her never-gets-fat body. 

My original vision idea was to have sort of a fancy dinner, where it will be another of those rare opportunity to dress up a little in this humid humid Singapore (I really blames the Singapore weather for deferring the mood for any kind of styles as it will just not last through the day). However, none of the other girls really wanna spend too much on food, so we settle for BBQ buffet instead! Moreover, it was an surprise, so Charis wasnt really too focused on what to wear for the day. Nevertheless, she will look fine in anything with that never-gets-fat body of hers. 

Yes, we were kinda late for the dinner, and now you all know why we were late :/ Its just of those rare times that we will visit that neighbourhood and theres too much photogenic spot on the way and carrying my DSLR and not snapping some pretty photos will be such a crime. (: