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Mosquito Jungle

I had my DSLR for about 4 years already, and I am still trying to figure out all the various functions etc. I guess I am really bad at this, I just couldn't take the kind of photos I want, maybe I am really too amateur. So the other day that I had nothing better to do (studying wasn't a better choice), so decide to bring my DSLR around to try it out a little. Still, the results wasn't really what as good as I expect it to be. Yes, I know, probably the problem lies on the subject. -.-  

Also, the humid weather that makes you start perspiring after the 3rd photo isn't the best option too. Together with the amount of mosquito bites and the size of the bites, these add on to the pain of this photo shoot. It is so hard for Singapore photographer. ):

Other than that, I am still enjoying my sunday comfy. Did I mention that the LV bag is as old as I am, I think my mum got it when she just got married or something, and it had been locked up in the closet for so long until recently that I've dig it out. I'm not really a LV fan as I feel that it is too old for me but this vintage heirloom, surprisingly, is just right for any casual sunday. (: