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Southernmost Point of Continental Asia

It was an impromptu visit to the Sentosa after school (lugging my really heavy laptop), or not, as both of us love going to RWS and to the beach. After having an early dinner at RWS, we decide to just visit the beach, thats really impromptu. Just the right timing as we are able to catch the last few minutes of the sun for the day. 

As romantic as it is, with the flowers, sunset and beach, do not jump into any conclusion, as I would like to bring your attention to the type of flowers, not rose. It was just a pure pleasant gift from a very good friend of mine. And it was not that romantic, most probably cause we are spoiling other couples' time by laughing and talking more loudly than appropriate with the backdrop of the sunset. 

Overall, it was a really fun day, and I think it will take me a while before I forget that beautiful sunset. 

P.S the last memory of my brown/golden hair. I'm officially a black-head (sounds like a pimple ._.), and  I am planning to stay that way from now. Its just too much effort, time and money put in to maintain a good coloured hair.