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Summer Memoir

So it has been 3 months since I stepped on to the very land of South Korea. And I have been missing the place ever since I got back. So I have been looking through my photo album and found that my breathe is still taken away with it, even in photos. There were so many pretty photos that I can take effortlessly as the scenery has already made the perfect scene. I find that it is unfair that I had only uploaded the few, so here's a couple more, featuring this breath-taking sea city - Busan.

I missed the colour of Summer, I missed the energy of Summer and I missed the smell of Summer. 
The best of it, Busan has all of them, every thing that you can hashtag, that is related with summer, you can find it in Busan. It is definitely the place to visit in Summer. 

It makes me miss the good old chillax summer time so much. Just chill by one of the pretty cafes beside the beach, have a good old waffle, drinking one of the best sparkling juice that I could never find it in Singapore. Just sit back, crowd-watch and let the time passes by slowly. There is absolutely nothing in my mind then that is troubling me, and the laughter and smiling were genuine, every day was a wonderful day. Genuinely looking forward to every new day and reminiscing every day past. That is something, no matter how hard I tried it in Singapore, yes I've tried it really had, I can't achieve that.

Anyway, its half way through the semester already. I can't believe there 3 more months till we welcome 2014, and exactly 3 months and a few days time, I will be out of the country for.... yes..wait for it.... 6 MONTHS! hahaha, not that long, but still, 6 months away from home..... we shall see how that goes.

P.S More photos of Seoul coming up soon!