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TT Girls Unite

I don't remember when is the last time the 6 of us have meet up, and it does feel like forever since we had a TT girls gathering. 

Table tennis is a great part of my life, not just the sports, in fact mainly, its about this team. This team of 6 girls, where most of us started with absolute no clue even on how to hold the bat, to enduring the hardest and most nonsensical ma bu and trainings, to winning cross country and losing cross country(the most touching story ever! I cry every time I read this), to  starting new relationship and to breaking off old relationship, to studying, graduating and having our first jobs. We literally did everything together before, we play, we laugh, we cry, we fight, we travel, we eat, sleep, walk beanie, and most every other things. 

Everytime I have to write a letter talking and introducing more about myself, my table tennis history and these group of people will be in it. I am serious, and it is something I have never told anyone before. I think I wrote about us in my NUS admission application too. Our friendship is something I treasured more than anything else. 

and then we moved on to different schools, but somehow, we are still rather close. We survived the biggest A-level monster by camping at CPS's house and turning her living room into a dumpster, and magically most of us are together in a same school again. Just as I thought, being in a same school can pull us even closer than we were before, somehow, somewhere in the middle of it, we did drift apart. (Yes, as hard as it is to admit, I think we all know this as a fact in the bottom of our hearts)

Even to the extend that organising a simple birthday gathering can be faced with un-replying messages and other uncoordinated responses. Well, I must say I was really upset while organising this dinner. Cos its disheartening to see family drifting apart. 

Well, in the end, we managed to pull it off, and without disappointment, it was an awesome night. Just like every other time we were together, wherever we are, it will be filled with our laughters. Im glad Charis's bday has now a special meaning as finally I can use the caption "TT girls unite!".

I really enjoyed everyone's presence and every moment we spent together. 

Hope we don't have to wait for another year before we can all sit around the table and have a good meal and a good laugh. 

I think in the cold winter of Netherlands next year, on a night of bad homesick, TT girls will be another reason for the tears that I'll shedding. 

Love y'all<3 p="">
( I know you all will be reading this (: )

P.S Okay, maybe its not that bad, Im just emo-ing here a little :p

P.P.S and if you have realised something weird about the photos, yes, I've dyed my hair black -.-