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In midst of all the mugging for exams, and emotional shit that is going on, I am glad the Tubbers met up, and had a short catch up session while visiting new place for a change. Most importantly, is to celebrate our deal Val's birthday. 

It makes me wonder what's the true meaning and value of friendship. The kind of relationship when you can don't talk and meet this friend for a long time but once you all meet up, its like you all have never drifted, is this true friendship? or is the kind where you all go through all the ups and downs of life together, thats true friendship? or theres no true friendship in this world, people just drift apart naturally, or deliberately.

So what's friendship? Something you can eat? use? sell? So what happened at the beginning of friendship and what happened at the end of friendship? So there is an expiration date to friendship?

Can you ever walk away from a friend?

A friend?

What is a friend?


All in all, I am glad that Tubbers + runny egg benedict and awesome strawberry cake did make the day a little more bearable.