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Heels On Grass

I finally left the house after caving at home for 4 days. Woke up early in the morning, and after 2 wrong turns, we finally reached Bukit Timah Saddle Club. I have decided to bring my dad out for bruch, and also going me a chance to leave the house. Especially that now, my mum is in Taiwan and I'm focusing on revision, so I guess my dad will be pretty bored at home during the weekend. I still remember we went to eat at the House at Dempsey the last time my mum went overseas. Hehehe, secretly enjoying life when my mum is not around. (:

It nice to leave the urban, and step to the 'country side', even the simplest sight of looking at horses will excite you. I guess we are all too well-conformed to the city, sometime its good to look at things from the other side once in a while. Well, the grass is always greener on the other side! 

I guess its not the most appropriate to wear heels to the 'countryside'. However, this is the pair of gorgeous that I have bought from Seoul. At an attractive price that you will never even believe, and its also of very good quality for that amazingly low price. Its one of the shops along Ewha Women's University, that is having a closing down sale. So much better quality than any of the Bugis street shoes or anything along that line. I think this is comparable to Charles & Keith. No kidding, and I am writing so much about this pair of shoes, cos ITS REALLY VALUE FOR MONEY! The unexpected treasure while traveling. 

Anyway, so why wear heels to the countryside? 
Because I am vain. Rather, its one of the rare chance that we are traveling by car, and there's minimal walking involve. Walk to the car, get out of the car to the restaurant, walk back to the car. Its unlike going out with friends (which consists 90% of time walking) or going shopping. So, no other more appropriate time to practice walking in heels. More importantly, cos' I have not even wear out this pair of shoes since I got it from Seoul and I wanna wear it once before I leave for Netherlands. I don't think I am bringing this with me. 

Yeap, I should be studying now. Accounting is screwing me over. Apparently I did not inherit the accounting blood in the family. My paternal grandma and my maternal grandpa are both accountants. Kudos to y'all, especially there's no computer or calculator, just abacus back then!

Back to studying!! or should I watch Harry Potter that is showing on TV tonight? T.T

Cafe photos next time!