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singapore, street, photography, ootd, blogger, street style, lookbook
singapore, street, photography, ootd, blogger, street style, lookbook

I think you must be definitely sick and tired of this white wall, at least I know I am. Given a choice, I would rather awkwardly stand in the middle of a crowded street, than awkwardly stand in front of this white wall. Or at least for a change, stand in front of some background that is more interesting, even a stripe wall will be an improvement. However, all these can only be done in 3 weeks time when my exams will be over then!!

and I am really really not a pants person, I never look good in pants, its most probably due to height issues. Not that it is really appealing here too, but I am just not in the mood for shorts or dress or skirt. First of all, wearing pants in the hot Singapore is a little out of my comfort zone already, both figuratively and literally. Secondly, pairing with this black top that I dig out of my closet (I think I bought it a few years back and have never worn it before) that is a tad too short, adds on to my uncertainness. Oh well, I've already been walking in that for a couple of hours already, and took many photos cos its Val's birthday, there's really no point of regretting now. 

Just a random, causal outfit for a causal birthday brunch. (:

P.S I swear that exam makes me FAT! It always happened, I just need the tub of ice cream to push me    on everyday. 

Back to being a cave women for the next 2 weeks.