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Vintage Tea Party

Finally. Finally after few years of craving to have the vintage tea party here at Barracks@Dempsey, we finally made our way down to try it. It was also an impromptu meet up, and surprisingly all the stars alined that day, Ben was able to book out especially early, Aaron is one block leave, jac and cher ended lesson early. Too bad mugger Charis couldnt make it ):

Boy, the place was so much more crowded than I expect. Its the most weird timing of the day, 3pm in the afternoon, I thought only lazy slacking carefree people like us who are just nice free at the moment could make it for such tea session. It turns out that there are way to many people who are much more carefree than us. The parking lots at Dempsey Hill is almost full! (with all the expensive cars)

Well, considering the size and the brands of the car, its not surprising why they are free in the middle of the day.

After all, Im just glad I finally got the try their afternoon tea, and with this awesome bunch. Really in time for the comfort of food and companions. Great way to start November. (T-minus: 71 more days left in Singapore)

However, so far, Im not liking November at all, it is gonna be a very lonely month.