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Cravings and Coffee

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Ah, this is bad. 

1. I think my blog has turned into a food blog!

2. I have been eating non-stop! Eating too much good food! I've intake too much before exam, telling myself there is a need to as a form of distress and a form of energy to keep me going on for the exam. And after exam should be a period to lose weight and be in good shape for exchange! But I am eating so much everyday!

But it is so hard to retain from those pretty cafes, since going those places are much more convenient when friends could drive us around, and its free parking near those landed property area. Also, where else is more appropriate for a good afternoon tea break and a place to chill and talk. 

Owell, I should really start doing things on my December to-do list! Time is actually passing by too quickly, especially when you're having fun.