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Looking at all these good food and happy smiles on our faces can only mean one thing- Exam is over and HOLIDAY IS FINALLY HERE!

Can't tell you how glad I am that school is finally over. It will be a while since I would go back there already, at least not in the next 7-8 months. On the same note, it can only means that I am so much closer to embark on my exchange journey already. However a lot of thing is still not settled, I have not even receive my visa, my final accommodation reply and my timetable is in a mess right now too. I have a final exam on the 16th Jun 2014, which means I won't be coming home any time before that. But one good thing about the school is that each of the modules only last like 3 months, so some of my modules starts in jan and ends in march, some starts in march thus, ending in June only. So hopefully, (if I got my) 6th module ain't that heavy loaded. oh how I wish all my mods end in March.

The lack of updates also means that I am too busy enjoying life now :P Will be back soon!