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Goodbye 2013

Drumroll Please

*Tam dam dam dam dam dam*


 1. Korea Summer School


It was kinda an impulse decision, as I thought I won't be going for SEP, but it turns out I am just spending twice the money, going for exchange twice! Nevertheless, its a fun-filled and most memorable experience ever! I can't really explain why it is so special and unforgettable, maybe its something I have never done before, but it was genuinely happy, awesome, and fun!

Of course, there's the amazing and beautiful Busan which stole part of my heart too.

The beautiful Korea University campus, the awesome korean and international friends, the one of my favourite cuisine- Korean, everything was perfect. Of course, some of the friends made there, are friends for life now, and it makes life in NUS much more bearable with them around.

2. Shanghai Summer

It was something extra coming from the korea trip, as I took a few days off and stopover in Shanghai. I haven't been back to Shanghai for summer, for as long as I've came to Singapore. I always only go back in winter. It was also special this time, as I went back on my birthday! It felt kind of unreal and a little magical, as after 20 years, I get back to where I was 20 years ago. Maybe there is a special bond in me with Shanghai, and I could not be happier to spend the important day there with my family and my favourite childhood food. 

3. Tubbers@Taiwan

I think we have slowly taken things up a notch as we slowly proceed to further and further places for holiday. It was Bintan last year, and this year we went Taiwan! With a more complete group than previously, and a longer trip as well.

It was totally a relaxing trip, our schedule was not packed with tourist attractions and must-do things. Just really doing what we wanna do and on the go, like karaoke-ing the whole afternoon, spend a day dip-dying hair, going to the night market every night.

Since its my second time going to Taiwan in 2 years time, I feel rather familiar there already. So adding on to the list, I think I am fairly familiar with Shanghai, Taiwan and Korea now. (Netherlands soon on the list)

4. Got my Driving License

It was such a loooong and tedious process to finally got my driving license. Honestly, I feel that learning from the school is totally a rip off. I would suggest everyone just take it outside, privately. It will be so much cheaper, and so much faster as well. Especially, if like me, you're taking auto, which is easy peasy, you should just take private lessons.

But I am glad I am a licensed driver now, much more convenient than before.

5. Invisalign

Its another big step for me. I am glad I have done it, I am almost like 2/3 finishing the process already. Thats one thing I like about it, cos its really fast. I should be able to complete it by April/May. Sadly, I will not be in Singapore, so I can't end the process myself as I still need to go back to my dentist. So I have to extend it and just keep wearing them until I get back and visit my dentist. That kinda sucks, but well, hope the slower process gives better results!

6. Academics

I am very please to say I have made tremendous improvements in my results this semester. However, sadly, very sadly, I can't compensate my past sins, I really kinda hate my old self for not putting in as much effort as I should be putting at that  point of time. So continue to work hard, and hope its not too late and I will need even more improvement for the coming semesters.

7. Blogging

First day of summer holiday, the first day I decide to start blogging seriously, about photography, outfits etc. Its been really a pleasure to do something I like to do. Its been pretty much a hobby already. and of course, no matter how much I've complained about her, I need to give a big THANK YOU to my fav Charis! Without you, I am incomplete, there could not be photos at all for this blog.

IN CONCLUSION, you would have realised how much money I have spent in 2013. I am really sorry, mum and dad, and thanks for everything too. 2014, is not gonna be any less expensive as well. However, I promise, that every cent spent will not be a waste. I think I finally found a new goal in life. 

P.S The post was written last week and kept in draft. At this moment when I am reviewing it, I received  a bad news, that no one wants to receive. This is not how 2013 should end. 

RIP, my friend. 

2014 will be an even better year.