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Lost Blessing

singapore, street, photography, blogger
singapore, street, photography, blogger
singapore, street, photography, blogger
singapore, street, photography, ootd, blogger, street style, lookbook

I realise how much I love just wander along streets and be surprise by what I will see. I think that will be on the top of my to-do list once I go for exchange. Just walk around random streets, not knowing my exact location and do not have a destination in mind. 

Sometimes, I feel that life is exactly this way too. You never know where is the destination, but you have to just keep going, and see where it will take you. You may get lost, you may sidetrack, you may take twice as long to reach, but thats the wonder of the journey. To see, meet and feel the things  through the journey. No matter how hard the journey may be, I guarantee there will be valuable lessons and takeaways. Everything happens because of a reason. 

Today's post, I am dedicating to one of my good friend; may your broken heart be healed soon, it will be, please hang in there a little more. Be strong, have faith. 
and through the process of talking/listening/analysing/reflecting/helping him, I feel that some of my own advice is the best words for myself too. I am surprised by some of the advice I've given, I realised that I've actually gained and learnt all these valuable life lessons that I thought I may never comprehend, and all just through some of the events that had happened in the past few years. So who says nothing good can surface through the shit they're going through, and who constantly lives in self-pity feeling that they are the most unlucky person in the world. But guess what, they may just be the luckiest person; because it is those shit they've gone through, those are the fastest, easiest and the only way to learn and grow as a person. 

I think, today, by helping him, I've helped myself too. I've just learnt a little bit more about myself now.