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Summer Blues

Finally, finally, brought my DSLR out for a walk and got some pretty photos for y'all. These are just few of the favourites, more to come!

Photo-taking in Singapore is definitely not an easy task, considering the level of humidity that cause you to perspire 500ml of sweat after 2 minutes into the shoot. Unfortunately, or fortunately, we caught the last sunny rays of the day before it started to pour like cats and dogs. With the mixture of perspiration and rain water (caught in the rain for just a bit before we reach the bus stop), it just bring disgust and uncomfortable to a whole new level. I cannot even express how sticky and uncomfortable I felt. Well, this is Singapore and one of the summer blues everyone has to deal with. However, I should start enjoying and preserving this kind of sticky situation as, in one month's time, I will be in the bitter winter of Netherlands. 

Anyway, its our first shopping/photo-taking/random exploring session since the holiday has started.  And I can't believe that exam is gonna be out in 6 days time! *Horror-o-horror* I really pray hard that my Christmas mood will not be dampened at all. 

Christmas present #1- Lacoste Live! platform shoes. It definitely helped to add on a few centimetres to my height, without having to suffer the pain of walking. Also, I am definitely in love with its gorgeous colour, so summery. Trying to enjoy the last month of scorching sun, and the summery feel, cos it will be another 3-4 months till Summer really comes.