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A + Denim

Kept as draft for too long. 

This post is purely inspired by one of my favourite blogger of all times, Shineebythree. She is also one of the first few high-end fashion blogger I saw online, and I feel its where I got all started, like I want to be like her one day. Its now another dream, beside being a successful businesswoman.  (But it seems too unreal, there are just so many stunning bloggers worldwide, and how many do you know.) Unsatisfied with the regular and typical Singaporean blogger who got outfits from every other Bugis street/blogshop, these overseas, unique, high-fashion blogs really caught my eyes.

Somehow, just like the cafe culture in Singapore, blogshop fashion culture has been another of those copycat craze that sweep Singapore off her feet. There are so many, so so many, teenage girls and guys out there that are wearing almost the exact same outfits or the exact same style.

This is showing, on a different level, yet the lack of creativity and originality in modern society. 

Undeniable, blogshops are very good substitutes for young non-income earners to own affordable clothing. However, sadly, this is also why it resulted to the follow-the-herd-symptoms. Nevertheless, even with the same apparel I feel that there are many ways you can wear it. Its all about you.

I ranted, and digressed. 

Coming back to today's post, its inspired by the awesome Shinebythree and specifically how she divinely mixed sports apparel with femininity and high fashion. Check it out here and here.
So who says there's only one kind of crop top; who says the sports apparel for sport only; who says sports apparel can't be elegant and feminine.

Obviously you see my bias here, team Adidas forever. 

Meanwhile, for now this outfit is homebound only; partly due to Singapore unforgiving weather to wear a jacket, and mostly due to my unsatisfied body shape.

"You do not embrace obesity." - Charis Lim, 2014

Eat healthy, stay healthy everyone!