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Recent days, pre-departure days, are rather chillax. I guess the real intensity and stress of trying to fit 5 months worth of winter-to-summer clothes have not kicked in yet as I have yet to pack my luggage. Therefore, I am just soaking in my normal daily routine, of lazing around till mid noon, and practical has my life revolving my bed.

I think I will really miss my bed and my room a lot, like these are my divine personal space. The place I am most comfortable with.

Meanwhile, after sleeping on my bed, eating on my bed, watching tv on my bed, writing on my bed, surfing the net on my bed, I ended up with nothing else, but to selfies time on my bed. Pardon me, as I was really bored. And you could see I have downloaded new photography apps and I was playing around with it. This post became like an advert for the app -.- Well, this is the price to pay for being bored and taking way too many selfies.