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and yes I am finally here, my new life starts now. 

So this pretty much sums out my first day in Tilburg! 

I can pretty much find some difference about living alone in a different part of the world now. Firstly, fast food in Europe/Netherlands is much more expensive than normal food. There is this super famous and cheap italian restaurant in town, Happy Italy, and their pizza is twice as big as my face and it costs only Euro 4.75. I can pretty much survive on that for the whole day. 

Secondly, been to do some grocery shopping, and everything is in Dutch, which makes us pretty much could not differentiate between the 100+ kinds of meat and sausages. 

Thirdly, no matter where in the world you go, you pretty much can find Chinese/Korean maggie mee, which I have already stocked up of it.

Fourthly, just like how I always imagined, almost every turn of head on the street is another perfect spot for photography. Every architecture, every stone pebble ground of the streets, every street even to the minor details, I feel that they are art. Even though I have tripped/sprained so many times while just walking on those stone pebble ground.

Lastly, as much freedom as you get from living alone, such as enjoying a cup of wine while writing this post, there are many inconveniences. No more eggs-benedict-kind-of-brunch, unless you are going to make it yourself.  Btw, I made hard boil eggs as part of breakfast this morning, without burning down the kitchen! #achievementunlocked And this is only the beginning. 

However, so good so far, despite having severe muscle ache from lugging a heavy bagpack and 2 huge luggages across Netherlands, everything else is good. The weather has been forgiving, it is not that cold at all, and no sign of rain and snow. I am still trying to adjust to all the Dutch signs, menus and everything else; and suffering from some self-esteem issue due to being a minority in the city now. 

I really hope I can meet more people tomorrow when lesson starts. 

This is the kind of overseas living/studying experience I always wanted. This is just the beginning. 

P.S Only brought one pair of winter shoes, and its really hurting like hell after walking long distance. Had no choice but to wear my spring/summer Lacoste platform. ):