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Carpe Diem

Firstly, the lack of updates is due to me taking up the newest occupation of being a housewife. 

Everyday, we all have to think about what we gonna have for dinner, what can we cook, and what to prepare for breakfast and quick lunch on the go. So mostly of our non-school time, we are a) buying grocery, b) cooking or c) washing dishes. 
We dont't even have time to do homework. 

So did my cooking improve? Hmm, let's just say, I had cracked an egg onto the stove rather than into my maggie mee. I am thankful for my suite mate, the NUS friend that came with me, she practically helped to cook, and also sewed my clothes. Yes, its only the first week and the buttons on my coats are coming off, sweater that I have never wore before, its pockets mysteriously appearing a hole. 

Theres so much I want to blog bout, but that will go onto too long a post and everyone will lose interest eventually. 

Anyway, I found my partner in crime, a Taiwanese girl, I first met her in the office on the first day, and now we have, well, seen the craziest side of each other. Cos we went to our first ever, and second, Dutch party/clubbing. Its more like a 'school event' because all the partying and clubbing events are organised by this school club called I*ESN. They got their very own club, Carpe Diem (above photo) in town, like literally a whole club, like a shop, not a big one, but essentially a comfortable size for a good party. Most interestingly, all the bartenders, and DJs, and 'cleaner'/'security' are students from this school club. Its so cool, NUS should have one too. Of course, the drinks are much cheaper, I get beer and vodka coke for 1.50 euro each. 

If you say Carpe Diem fast enough, it sounds like Kopitiam XD #truebluesingaporean

The parties are for international students, so everyone is really open and friendly and of course crazy, we are talking about 90% caucasians here, and they really party wholeheartedly. I really enjoyed myself and had fun. The most cool part is everyone here cycles, so we will cycle to the club and cycle home after clubbing. (Cycling is the main mode of transport) I am cheapskate and do not want to spend money buying a bike, and was just borrowing people's bike. And I can only cycle children small bikes, cos the normal Dutch bikes are really too high for me. (above photo, the pink and the yellow bikes are ours, they look like children bike)

And the best part is, even when people are drunk, they can cycle home. Respect. 

So clubbing in winter is another funny story, cos you dont really know how to dress. Although we got t-shirts given to us for the clubbing event, but still we have to wear more layers for the time we spent traveling to the club. So cycling at 4am in the 2 degree celsius cold winter, with only a tshirt and a coat, it is not funny. But it was really fun, and it makes you quite sober when you reach home, hahaha. 

It is really a fun experience to cycle when you are high, and its in the middle of the cold winter night, cold wind just swept your hair away, and the entire street is like your playground. No more taxis and midnight fares. Thats something you can never do in Singapore.  

So, other stories for next time, this post will mostly just be on partying then. The bad and the good of exchange life, you just have to take it all and enjoy every moment.