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Wish everyone has a great 2014 ahead!

It may be most probably the last few 'photo shoots' taken by my bff Charis, before I leave for Netherlands. 

Just recently we realised there is a famous cafe, Stranger's Reunion, that is really near our places, so we decided to take the afternoon to chill and have a good cup of coffee. Since it is so near my place, I decide its appropriate to break into my new boots, that I am going to bring to Netherlands. It was kinda roller coaster ride to find that pair of boots, something along the line that required 6 people to wait for me to find it. Purposely chose a pair of ankle boots that can wear from winter all the way to summer, even in Singapore, so that to lessen my luggage space and weight. 

Last few chances to take photos with Charis, and she is getting more and more familiar with 'my style', or at least she know what to do to make me nag at her less. :P Love you to the moon and back! Wish I could just pack you into my luggage and bring to Netherlands with me.

And finally, when we are all done and reach Stranger's Reunion, it was totally packed with teenager, young adults like us, cause its school holiday for everyone. I think I am really frustrated with the Singapore cafe culture. Suddenly, there are so many cafes popping up; suddenly, they all got so famous; and suddenly everyone is visiting them. It makes almost all famous cafes crowded 24/7 even on weekdays. However, to me, cafe should be more chillax, somewhere I can take my time to enjoy my beverage, read a book and have a cosy chit chat with my friends. But, cafes now are like school canteens during recess time. It is really a huge turn off for me. 

I wish there are more hidden gems cafe in Singapore, but sooner or later, it will become another crowded places after being publicised by blogger, perhaps.  

P.S (Did you notice) I got my final haircut, all prep for the 5-months exchange! I think I am 90% ready for it already.