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Life on weekends are pretty chillax, no homework yet, or rather no mood to start studying yet, so weekends pretty much spent on wandering the streets of Tilburg.

 All photos above are took by iPhone. Sometimes it just seems so much easier and at the same time able to take pretty shots with the phone rather than the DSLR. Sometimes, it is simplicity at its best. 

I cannot emphasise how beautiful the streets are. Every turn of the corner is a perfect picture setting. It seems that every door or window is full of historic values and has its unique story to tell. Every shop has something different to offer, be it the second hand vintage shop that sell the weirdest secondhand goods, or the gramophone records that are selling at 1.50Euros, everything seems so lively and so special in its own way. Btw, the secondhand vintage gramophone is only 50 Euros. I really feel like buying one back to Singapore to decorate my new house soon, or even just selling out will earn me quite a bit of profits.  This is also why I fall in love with Europe long time ago when I first visited. To think about it, Tilburg is only a small city. that I bet it is mostly unheard of, but its already so pretty. I think I will go crazy when I visit other places. And traveling will start next weekend. Not much of chinese new year to celebrate here. 

First week of SEP over, it feels longer than it was. It was not all fun and chillax. I nose bled (my childhood 'illness'), the sole of my new ankle boots came off, party mishap, etc. However, tonight, me and my singaporean suite mate made a full meal, chicken, broccoli with mushroom and rice. The result was satisfying, finally feels like I am eating like when I am at home. And knowing its your own hard work from buying ingredients to washing dishes, it just made the meal taste even better. After dinner, it was followed by fresh strawberry and Mars ice cream. 

I could not be more happier for myself. Can you feel that I am slowly but surely, growing up already? 

P.S I am really loving my new knee-high boots from Ecco. Serious, everyone should invest in a good pair of shoes. You cannot be stingy when it comes to shoe. Although it may cost much more, but a  comfortable pair of shoes can bring you to much more places. My half-spoilt ankle boots really almost killed me, it was so painful to walk. Now, with my new boots, I can really walked much more distance and longer time, and my feet feels warm and at ease.  #blessingindisguise