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Till Then

Will miss you all...

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singapore, skyline, blogger, MBS skypaark
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So, parting is always the hardest. However, this is nothing, its just a short 5 months or so, I'll be back in a blink of an eye.

I really enjoyed all the meet ups and eating almost all the local delicacies. Definitely, I wont be able such cheap chills when I go there this friday. 

Coincidentally, I held a group of Pecking University students around for a Singapore city tour. I think its a perfect 'closure' for now, as I take a good look at the beautiful Singapore (I got to go up to the MBS Skypark, this time day view unlike the last time; got to visit Chinatown and bought some CNY goodies and eat the famous dessert; visit the bustling Little India; got to take a boat ride down Singapore River, and I was paid for all that :P) 

I suppose if everyone I have invited to come visit me in Netherlands turns up for each weekend, all my weekends will be filled with Singaporean friends. Lets just see how it really turns out, hahaha!

So, till then.