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A for Antwerp

Antwerp, the city of diamonds.

The formation of natural diamond requires very specific conditions before it can form into beautiful diamond. Just like diamonds, very specific conditions have formed the beautiful city of Antwerp. Although some may say that  most european cities look alike, its true to a certain extent, but somehow every city looks different too. and feels different too. 

I couldn't quite pin point out the difference, and even harder to express it with words, but every city just mesmerise you in different ways. Antwerp's renaissance and baroque style architecture and streets add in an extra sense mysteriousness in the air. 

It was really quite a pleasant trip, although it rained a bit too much that hinders the convenience of taking photos. Ruben's house was definitely an art on its own, and conveniently for us to escape the rain when visiting the place. However, we did manage to catch the last ray of sun when the rain finally stop just before its time for the sun to set. Having a cup of belgium finest, Godiva hot chocolate on hand, and wonders around the street of Antwerp, magically it brought me to this hidden vintage book store in one of the ally. The old, white bearded grandpa, who is the store owner, greeted us so passionately, he's smile was one of the most beautiful thing in the city that day. Treasuring for books in his bookstore, and he sold me a book for 1 euro. The whole scene felt like he was some magical person who actually secretly practises magic (something like Harry Potter) and disguise himself as the owner of the vintage bookshop in the day time. I'm not exaggerating, I really felt that at the moment, because, him, the bookshop, and the whole city, are just so magical. 

It is definitely one of the best trip. Nothing beats exploring randomly in a exotic city, with a cup of good hot chocolate and a vintage book.