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The Wind is too Strong

First travelling: We spent our weekend going to Utrecht and Rotterdam respectively. I shall just post about Rotterdam first, because its one of the more successful and chillaxing day, compared to the horrible trip to Utrecht. (Will post about it soon!)

When we first arrived to Rotterdam's train station, it immediate struck me that I has really been living in a small town for the past 2 weeks. It been a while since I see tall skyscrapers, big and modern train stations and wide roads. It is really that obvious, the difference between a small town like Tilburg and a city like Rotterdam. I feel that I am kind of not use to city life already, everyone is walking faster, buildings seemed to be more clustered, just overall less of those European style streets/buildings pictured in my previous posts. 

Overall, Rotterdam is a great place, a weird place too, with its mix of tradition and modernisation. Like Singapore and Shanghai, it is a port city, heavily depending on exports and imports. Shipping and containerisation takes a great place in the city. I really do see the taking place of globalisation and modernisation in Rotterdam. I think my geography lecturers will be so proud of me to finally get this. It was a great day with the bright weather, everything went on smoothly as planned, we coincidentally found this quite famous places to eat, and of course, they have good food. 

I really do love this set of photos taken on the cruise tour, and trust me, it took a lot of effort to battle with strong wind, messy hair, cold hands to finally get some decent photos done. Its my third cruise tour that I have taken, after Paris and Busan. The last cruise in Busan half a year ago was so hot that I was literally melting under the sun. On the contrary, this time was a little too cold. It was totally different experiences, there is great contrast between the two. 

Rotterdam really amazed me, no wonder it is one of the busiest port in the world.