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It is this sense of familiarity and comfort that I have been missing dearly for. 

I have survived the last week. 

The past week spent in Brussels for Harvard World Model United Nation 2014 (worldmun) has been the most most crazy week ever. Our whole NUS delegation consists of 21 people, and the first time that all 21 of us meet is when we are arrived in our lovely 2 storeys apartment just behind the Grand Plaza in Brussels. The apartment was awesome, so cosy yet big enough to accommodate 16 of us (4 guys stayed in the nearby hostel cos of not enough space and 1 girl stayed in a hotel) and I cannot emphasise how awesome the location is, as we are literally in the heart of town. Having an apartment (one with balcony), in the heart of brussels! We are literally surrounded by waffle, chocolate, ice cream, mussels and millions of tourist yet we have a place on our own. 

So our daily schedule goes like this:  7 am wake up, 9 am conference, 530pm end of conference (1200 noon end of conference on half days), 7 pm dinner, 10pm drinking, 11pm clubbing/drinking, returning to apartment at 5am either dead drunk or half sober, and 7 am wake up to get ready for conference. 

Its crazy. 

Going into conference, trying to debate with a hangover or total still drunk mode is no laughing matter. Either you have no idea what crap you are saying or you think your crap is not crap. Either way, I am glad I was in a big committee and I am thankful for my partner for dealing with most of the important issue while I tried to look sober sitting in my chair not knowing the hell that was going around me. However, going to conference everyday, really makes me feel like a working adult, and this idea is not going to be too far a distant away already. Its really nice to work to 'work' in the morning everyday, the scenery and architecture is all so encouraging and chasing away all your blues and hangover. 

But, I need to say that my alcohol tolerance level is so damn high now. I think I have hit my epitome when I had a shot of Absinthe, 2 shots of Irish Vodka, 2 shots of Vodka mix, 1 beer, 1 Bacardi mix, and 1 whiskey mix, all within 2 hours. Of course, the consequence was unimaginable, which involve something along the line of trying to open the door of the moving taxi to puke. 
(After trying so many types of alcohol, I personally officially hate Absolut Vodka, if you have tried the other pure hard liqueur, you will know that Absolut sucks, and actual nice Vodka can be swallowed and is as smooth as water. Never ever gonna drink Absolut Vodka.)

Most of the photos above exhibit my only-had-2-hours-sleep or having-a-hangover-face. 

I need to say that the past week was crazy, crazily fun and the best of all times. Everyone in the house somehow can click so well and we had so much jokes, pranks, drinks, and all the nonsense you can think of. I was so glad that I finally met so many Singaporeans, its almost 3 months since I hang out with a bunch of Singaporeans, and it makes me realise how much I have missed Singapore. 

However, having said all that, its time to grab hold of reality. I think on this road of exchange, although its a good opportunity to experience, develop and find yourself, but honestly, I feel that I've lost myself on the way. I am not sure if I am turning into the person I want to be, somehow letting go too much can be quite devastated too. 

I am still going to have fun and get the most out of my exchange, but I feel that I should get a grip of myself and have at least a decent amount of self-constraint. 

I am really thankful for this bunch of awesome people I've met in Brussels, make me feel a little closer to home and regaining hope of that friendship can be more than superficial. Its just this sense of familiarity and comfort I havent been able to feel since exchange started. Its been a while since I could really not care of how much I drank as I know there will be you guys to rely on to bring me back home safely.

As you guys are probably on the plane right now, have a safe trip home, and we shall meet in Singapore in a few months time. 

Of course, Brussels is never ever going to be the same again. 

P.S Even Singaporean/Singlish vulgarities sound so nice to me now.