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Blue Eyes Prince

Blessing in disguise.

So the things that will only happen in movie, actually happened. I think I've never gotten so lucky before. I use to have the kind of luck that even in the same class for 4 years, I would never be arranged to sit beside my crush. 

So here's the story. Sunday morning we took the first train from Zurich to Strasbourg, France. We only have half a day, as we booked the return ticket to Switzerland in the evening. During the journey, the train suddenly stopped at one of the station for more than half an hour, and soon it passed by our supposedly arriving time. The French, being French, refuse to have any other languages used onboard, only had their broadcast in French, so we have no idea what is going on. In the end, everyone left the train, and we heard from other passenger that something happened to the railways so all the trains going to Strasbourg direction has been stopped. However, they did arrange bus service to bring us to Strasbourg instead, they better do after the amount of money we paid for the train

It has been a while since we straighten things out to realise what is going on. By the time we reach the bus station the first free shuttle has left, leaving a lot of other passengers behind. C'mon face it, how to fit a whole train full of passenger on to one bus. So many unhappy passengers, left us got stranded at the bus stop again. We now only left 4 hours before we need to head back to Switzerland. 

So the next bus came, and everyone rush to get onboard, because who knows when's the next bus coming. After fighting our way through people that are almost twice our height, we finally board the bus, and there's not much seats left, so we got separated, and just sit at whatever seats available. 

So, here I sat down beside this guy. 

I did not choose my seat specifically, I just sat down whatever is available, honestly. Then I realise this guy looks quite young, and his bunch of friends were sitting infront of us. By then I really have enough of the crap and has to find out what's going on, because even the bus driver and train station staff onboard are just communicating in bloody french. So I asked him if he can speak English and if he understands French. And yes he does, fluent in English and is able to understand French. 

Not long after, the chat start to stray away from the technical questions about the train service. I found out he is only 18 years old and still in high school. I think he is born in Germany, but he now stays in Switzerland. He speaks German, Swiss German, English (cos he went to Ireland to exchange) and French (because they are required to learn in school, but everyone actually hates studying it). He is on the way to Strasbourg with his friend to attend this reggae music festival and because of the delay of the train, they are going to miss their favourite band performance. 

and then we talked about Swiss education, Swiss military service, me studying in Holland, Singapore, politics, France, concerts, music, traveling...

oh so he told me that the broadcast on the train explaining why the train got stopped was that someone committed suicide by jumping onto the tracks. 

At first we were still seating quite far apart even though we are just next to each other. You get what I mean, like how we sit beside strangers on the bus. I think the gap got closer after awhile, hahahaha! We got a bit comfortable, he even offered me to drink for his water bottle. But I guess Westerners are open-minded like that. And stupidly, under a minor panic attack, I declined. 

And he offered me a weed cigarette too. Major minus points!! I declined as well.

After a while he realised we have not exchanged names. So as usual, for my time in Europe, I am called Summer, he likes the name. And he is Theo

I realised when he's talking to me, all I was doing, was just staring right into blue eyes. 

I don't think I was ever so drawn into someone's eyes. You may think that I have seen way too many pair of blue eyes by now, but I've not feel this way yet till now. 

So he asked me when I am leaving Strasbourg, and I told him how short of time we have as we need to go back to Switzerland and to reach the airport at 4am to catch the flight back to Holland. So he said: "4am? Then you can come to the festival with us."

Oh damn flight, damn school, damn time. 

I want to say a million yes, but I replied 'I can't, there's no midnight train to the airport".

Oh damn rationality. I wish I can be more irrational sometimes, cos' love is irrational. By now, everyone that is reading this (or maybe just Xharis, Jac, Ben and Aaron) would have shouted to me and say you should have totally agreed, YOLO right?!

Somehow along the bus ride, I have stop caring if I have enough time to tour Strasbourg, but secretly wishing the bus ride would take longer. But then, it reached Strasbourg train station. Since both group of us are in a rush, we just parted with a simple goodbye. 

The rest of the day, I was stuck in my love bubble, thus explaining the lack of photos in Strasbourg. 

I swear if I have wifi/3G with me, I would asked him for his Facebook. Although I was secretly waiting for him to ask me first.  So now, here I am, for 3 days, desperately trying to find a Theo/Jill/Bill/Will/Teal/Théo/Rio/Tēæł on Facebook. Like looking for a needle in a haystack. Why didn't he try to find me? I am sure finding a Summer from Tilburg is much easier than finding someone I am not even sure how the name is spelt and that stays in Switzerland. 

So here's another Cinderella-like story, but with no happy ending. Still trying to find the owner of the glass shoes, but this time is my Blue Eyes Prince rather than Cinderella. HAHA! 

Just like love itself, how hard it is to find that someone. 

Wanted: Blue Eyes Prince
Reward: Eternal gratitude from me

Please help me find him.

P.S We caught our flight by one minute, literally, everyone was onboard waiting for us. Damn you french services. And here's to another airport to add on to the list of airports I've ran in to catch a flight. I swear if I've missed the flight, I would go back and try my luck by waiting for him at the train station after crying my heart out for rejecting his offer in the first place.