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Narcolepsy; you feel excessively tired during the daytime but have disturbed night-time sleep.

From Prague to Budapest, we outrightly decided to take the night bus. Prague's old town area, aka touristy area, is rather small, and we have more than sufficient time for the 2 full days there. Since our night bus only arrives to pick us up at near midnight, we pretty much camped in the bus station's McDonald for the whole night. The wait was pure torturous. 

When the bus finally arrived, it didn't boost our mood at all. It turns out that Prague was the middle stop, and the bus was already 3/4 filled with people taking up more than one seats for themselves. The whole night was filled with the bus driver's blasting of clubbing music, people chit chatting loudly, bumpy roads, and cramped neck from sleeping in a weird position. That sums up my first night ride, and I don't think I will ever take another night ride after this. 

So we reached Budapest in the dawn period, and has to find our way to the hostel. But once we got off the metro station, the street that greeted us really made me forgot about the miserable night. Budapest is a true beauty. We then struggled another hour to find our hostel, and then Budapest miraculously blessed us with an awfully early check in. The room was super huge and with a balcony! 

We then immediately head out, with only like less than 5 hours of sleep, if you count those half-awake times due to the bumpy road. However, Budapest is too beautiful, you would not even be reminded of the fact that you actually had so little sleep. Budapest is definitely one of my favourite places in Europe. Mainly because it is so different from other european cities. The city is divided into two by the river, one side is known as Buda and the other is Pest; one side is mountainous and the other is flat terrain. Therefore forming such a pretty scenery where it is hard to find from anywhere else. 

We only have 1 day in Budapest, so with our tight schedule, we wanted to squeeze as much things as possible. However, tiredness caught up with us at noon (we have already walked since 6am to find our hostel), and we know of this famous and awesome buffet place that cost around 14Euro, and free flow of drinks. It took us another half an hr to find the place. But, it was totally worthwhile. Free flow drinks, by that I mean, free flow alcohol! We ordered Champagne to start with, it turns out to be a full bottle of Champagne. The 2 of us struggled to finish it, and beside that we drank like 3 bottles of apple juice and another glass of wine. Of course, we toured the rest of Budapest in a very excited mood. I guess, it somehow helped us to survive the rest of the day, without falling asleep. Oh yes, the food was awesome too! 

It was about night time, we have walked about 12 hours already, feet were aching so badly, but we decided to take a night cruise. Slept passed most of it. 

Finally got back to our hostel, showered and ready to sleep since we haven't touch a bed for more than 40 hours. But guessed what, how could we just pass by the opportunity to make full use of the rare chance of having a balcony. Wendy and I went downstairs, in slippers and sleepwear, and yes it was like below 10 degrees, to the convenient shop and got another bottle of wine. Then, the night involves us chatting on the balcony, listening to music, eating chocolates and yogurt and being complained several times by neighbours for noise pollution in the middle of the night. 

In the end we slept around 2am, again. And, we woke up around 5 am to make our way to Vienna. We never ever learn our lesson that sleep is important. That made the stay in Vienna suck a little. 

Comparing the length of this post to my previous travel post, you can already figure out how exciting Budapest was for me. Let alone the things we have done, the city itself is really stunning. If someone is gonna ask me if they can only visit one place in (eastern) Europe, I would have answered Budapest. 

It will definitely be a place that I would want to visit again.

Coming up soon - Vienna travel post!