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Le Midi

Southern Richness.

From Nice, its only half an hour away from both Cannes and Monaco. So, I have spent 2 days there at each of the places. Fun fact: Monaco is an independent country by itself, its the world's second smallest country, after Vatican City. 

The weather was really bad and not helping the holiday mood at all. We are almost one month early for the annual Cannes Film Festival. So without all the fame and glamours, with the gloomy weather, it makes the place looks slightly boring. Of course, we cannot discount its beautiful seaside coast, beach and yachts.

What else can you think of when I mention Monaco? Monte Carlo, duh! Its either you've watched many James Bond type movies or you have watched/heard about the Selena Gomez's Monte Carlo movie. Sadly, I didn't get my Selena Gomez moment of what happened in Monte Carlo. However, you will feel either super excited or super depressed in the city when you see multi-million dollars yacht parked by all along the coast or when multiple convertible Lamborghini zoomed past you. Its no kidding, you will find the most expensive and most exotic cars parked outside the casino of Monte Carlo. Even the air smells rich. 

Maybe one day I will be back with my own Lamborghini.