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"Hup, Holland, Hup"

Needless for me to say, Netherlands crushed Spain at the World Cup 2014 yesterday with the score 5-1! 


I feel so lucky and blessed to witness it with all the Dutch, in Netherlands, and witnessing a terrific victory. I mean how many matches in World Cup history have actually a win of 5 goals, and not to mention its Netherlands versus Spain, the champion and first runner up in the World Cup 2010. Watching it here, and witnessing the marvellous win, the whole vibe and atmosphere is completely different than watching it back in Singapore. I am really glad and feel so blessed to be able to experience this. Why am I so lucky!?!

Then the night just dissolved amongst the sea of orange as everyone celebrate the awesome victory. Hopefully, this will continue and I will root for Netherlands in the finals, even though I will be back in Singapore by then.  

P.S I really love the Netherlands flag!! 
P.P.S Orange may be my newest favourite colour now.