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Oh Joy

So what colour is this?

This post took much longer than it should be to be posted. I have no idea why but the photo quality turned out so bad after I tried to upload it. Either it was my DSLR quality or the colour of this neon coral dress is just too hard to be captured. It is just too hard to tell the colour, under different light it can be recognised as orange, pink, neon pink, coral, neon orange, or anything that in between. For easier reference, and from what my guy friend told me, it should be just known as pink.  

Being overseas for about half an year, my first ever 21st birthday party attended was just a few days ago. I am glad it is none other than Jac's party! Best table tennis buddies, and it is also her party that reunited the six of us again. I don't even remember when is the last time all the six of us met up. I am glad we gathered in this joyous occasion! No doubt, Jac is and will forever be our joyous and bubbly one among us!