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Its a pink dress with ribbon prints.

My lack of activity on my blog can only mean one thing - the new school semester has officially started again. 

I am already done with week one of school, just twelve more weeks to go, and maybe something amazing to look forward to in December. Its definitely a weird feeling going back to school after 8 months. Many people left for exchange in this semester, but I did bumped into a lot of old friends along the corridors during my rush in between classes. One of the best feelings is going to classes and realised your old friends are taking the same classes, or even bumping into new friends I've made a week ago in classes. I guess you can count these the little blessings that spark up our lives. 

I foresee a very reading-heavy, group meetings and presentations packed semester ahead. However, I will try my best to keep this place as lively as possible. Do stick around!