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" Oh my god, I think I need a manicure. The sun so hot, I swear its messing up my gorgeous hair. "

Some forgotten photos in my Rome album, my other rome posts can be found here. (Do check them out! Some really amazing photos are there! *self-praise*) The Italian sun is unforgiving. If you haven't know, I am somewhere that really cannot stand heat and humidity. Beach and Greek place in exception because I go there with the intention of getting burnt in the sun. But I definitely do not appreciate the burning weather in city areas. As such my face was just transiting between red, dark and irritation mode during the whole Italy trip. Nevertheless, now that I look back, I still really miss the trip. Any burning travelling will be better than reading 40 pages of readings on China's economic process. 

That aside, I realised there were some videos I took during the trip, it was meant for a travel video. But I think I just forgot about them somewhere along these few months. So without further ado,  here it is! Enjoy! 

Watch it in HD~ 


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