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As you can see, I treat my food very seriously.

I have no idea why this post is dragged till now, almost half a year late, almost half of my 21st year has gone by. 

I still remember it was about 3 days since I came back from my exchange. Hair is long and unmaintained.  I was still secretly complaining that I should just celebrate my birthday there so I can extend my trip even longer. However, there's always a need to come back to reality, sooner or later. 

Being away from home for half a year, this special birthday I choose to spend the quality time with my family only. They are the world to me and being the only child, I am sure that I am their world too. I am happy and blessed to have done many incredible and unforgettable things in my life before turning 21, being able to see and experience other parts of the world, got my driving licenses, being in a school and faculty of my choice and all the lovely friends I have made along the way…

It is not end of the year, just yet! Nope, not gonna turn this into a year-end reflection post. But, we can always count our blessings right.

Just the last lap before 2014 comes to an end. I cannot wait for my last module-ABE exam to be over on 1st December. I seriously hate this module so much. Hopefully, if everything goes well, 2014 will end with a big cherry on top.