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Master Chef

The evolution of my egg-cracking skill. 

The lack of post can only means one thing - exams are around the corner. 

To compensate that, I am finally doing this post that I have KIV for the longest time ever. 


My closest friends would know that I have never cooked at all when I am in Singapore, not even instant noodles, or boiling eggs. Also, I have the bad record of failing Home Ed class in secondary school. And now, I'm master chef in-the-making. HAHA. 

In lieu with that many of my friends are preparing to go overseas and their number one concern is that whether they will starve to death when they are over there. Let me just say this- you will become Gordon Ramsay when you are super hungry and all the shops outside are closed by 6pm. 

So here's just some of my master chief dishes, hahaha. Of course I am only showing you the nicest one, and you may spot the evaluation of my egg cracking skill. I still remember day 1, I cracked the egg onto the stove rather than into the pot, and my flatmate has to walk pass just at the very moment. Being judged from day 1. You can also see that my expertise is in instant noodles, pasta and Korean cuisine, and my meals are technically just rotation among these. Other than that, just get lots of fruits, pre-made salads and truckloads of chips! Once in a while. just go for a bucketload of McDonalds chicken, a few beers and with a good friend. Life is complete.

Oh, don't forget your laptops, calculators and pens as they made the best accessories to take food photos. (;