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Choose a heart.

Its officially the holidays, but its also been a week since I've started work.

Work has been really busy, and got a feeling that the worst has yet to come. I am not sure what lying ahead, but just hope that I don't start hating to go to work. That would really cause an even harder time for me to get out for the bed every morning.

I haven't got any good news to share, just been feeling really really really gloomy lately. It dawn on me that happiness is a choice. You can and will be happy if you choose to. However, most of the times we, or maybe its me only, just failed to choose the best decision for ourselves. It is like choosing to wear a 6 inch Louboutin heels on a nights out. It sure looks good with your outfit, but you know you will get serious leg muscle cramps and foot blister. However, you will still choose to go with it. 

Thus, you can only hold yourself responsible, to whichever choices you made. Even though it may not be the most rational or the optimal choice, but it must be what you want at that moment. Quoting from Selena Gomez - the heart wants what it wants. 

Maybe its time to make a Christmas wish list, and hope that Santa shows some love to me.