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Call me Queen X.

These past months had been hectic, from exams to interning, and I was quite caught up with the mess in my life. Finally, I had such free time today and spent some quality me-time. I can't even remember the last time I had time for myself, its been too long. Then, I realised how important it is to always have some me-time once in a while. So, to not be disturbed, I buried my phone somewhere I will probably be too lazy to get it out by the time I finished the whole pizza. And then being the centre of my world (aka my room), blasting my jams, and dancing in my comfy PJ in this club of one, its the best feeling in the world. For those moments, I can forget all about random person X or bad incident Y, and concentrate on me and myself only. Its all about ME. It feels so awesome to be so carefree and not being dragged down by all the stupid things around you. Not forgetting, I just indulge myself with 3 hours long afternoon naps, movies&drama marathon and junk food after junk food. F**k off, I like myself, I like being fat at least for today, who are you to tell me if I'm fat, just deal with it and pay more attention to your own life! #allaboutthatbass

I, xincerely, hope to end off 2014 well and start 2015 on the right foot. Throwing all the negativities and useless things out of my life. I think I've stuck with those for too long a time and its good to finally realise and walk out of them. (& I've also promised the #happyforeveralone standing committee to clean up the mess by the first day of 2015.) They are just so not worth my time, energy and effort. 

Bitch please, I deserve so much more. 

I look forward to 2015, for it to bring more surprise and adventures into my life. I am ready to embrace whatever that lies ahead because I know everything will just get better. 

Wishing everyone, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.