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Be the colours in my life. 

I don't really have any good news for now. I am sick all week already, terrible block nose, causing all my food to taste the same. Hopefully I have lost some weight due to the lost of my sense of smell.  School has been relaxing enough considering I only took 4 modules this semester (probably a bad choice) and that my FSP has not even confirm until now. I got a feeling it will be delayed to next semester. 

In another word, life has been pretty boring. Boring enough for me to pull on a pair of jeans. No offence to all the jeans in the world, but it seems like I only wear jeans/long pants under one scenario - cold weather. I mean like snowing-kind-of-cold weather. Short legs just don't look good in long pants kay, stop judging. 

Alas, it's classic enough. 

P.S I really need to do something about my life. *fingers-crossed*