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Is it ironic to be out off breathe and be lethargic at the same time?

I am always amazed by how many emotions I can go through in one single day. I am even more amazed at how fast they change. It is getting more and more unpredictable comparing to the weather. Mostly, I blame this on the fact that school has started again, first week is always the worst. (Can't my day just involve of roadside cafes and a book?) That's a dream far from reality, I even have deadlines coming up in two weeks time, but currently I'm just drowning myself in self-pity and editing photos. 

Well, the only bright side I can look at is that I will end this term early cos I have no finals in the exam week. Its time to start planning my next journey. Where should I go? A little too overwhelmed by options. Still, I cannot wait to get my ass out of Singapore. 

I really need a breather.