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Finding my inner peace

I honestly believe good things start from within. Being good will then attract even better things to you. That links me back to my new year resolutions, in summary, to be good

Be Good to Myself
- Treat myself with the right things, right food, right people. 
- Treat my body well, start exercising and less toxic intakes.
- To improve on mental wellness. (?)
- Do not force myself to do things that I do not like to do. 
- Smile more

Be Good to Others
- Be more patient 
- Judge less/discretely 
- Smile more

Be Good to the Environment
- Eat less rice
- Eat less meat
- Save paper, print less notes
- Travel more by foot 

I can't even lie to myself. More than half of these are bogus or will not last more than half an hour.