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First Attempt

Hidden gem

Here it is, my first ever collaboration, featuring Keith, the Founder of BodyXStyle. We had an amazing afternoon of shooting in some over-looked gems in Singapore. Through the shoot, I just realise there are so many places that we easily overlook but are great to be captured on film. Just like how, sometimes in life we just walked on too fast and forgot to stop and smell the roses. 

It was really enjoyable to shoot with Keith, and I'm glad to have tried this out and things went on even better as planned. It also makes me realise how much I actually love taking photos, not just photos of me but literally taking photos. (My hidden gem) In the past, I only had opportunity to record my travel bits and pieces but not any actual photo shoot. So I am glad, I am doing this now and rest assured, I think this is just the beginning. Hoping for many more collabs and opportunities in the future. (Call/Book me?)At the end of that day, my camera was filled with so many good photos, I am so hyped up and excited and can't wait to show you guys all of them!! Due to the enormous amount, I think will just break it up into a few posts, so stay tune!