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Me: "I think I look pretty g..."

BFF: "ugly?"

Me and my BFF have telepathy in many many ways. For example, we would think of the same thing at the same time, we would act the most dramatic sitcom scenario in our everyday conversation where we totally have zero audience listening/watching our lame skit (I even made her a Mean Book for her bday which is a consolidation of all the mean/classic convos between us), or we would finish each other sentences such as:

Me: "Remember the time when you told me you feel like you are a..."

BFF: "Hamster?"


(Mental note: Bring BFF to a psychiatrist, or just spend more (or less) time with her. )

But one thing is not right between us, that is we never ever have good fashion coordination. Everytime that we go out, it will be either one of us overdress and thus making the other one looks like we just wore the pyjamas out. Why, oh why! Being forever camera shy, she would never let me take decent photos of her even when she's all dressed up. (Definitely not as vain as me) 

So there you go, only one blurry shot of her. You just have to stick by with my face for now.