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I guess this is why people says the best things in life come unexpectedly. 

This is the most impromptu non-photoshoot photoshoot. We were just roaming around to find some scenic location, and I was behind the lens for Keith, but we manage to chance upon such lovely location. Almost the whole iconic landscape of Singapore is now the backdrop of my photos. I cannot find or ask for an even lovelier backdrop. Tourist planning to visit Singapore, don't have to come anymore, just look at these photos, its enough. Hah, I kid, please do still come to Singapore!

So after taking the shoots for Keith, I got all hyped out and cannot suppress my urge to get to the front of the lens again. I swear with such lovely scenery, you don't even need to pose or need to find a good angle. Keith randomly took a few shoots (which you are now looking at them, as above), and they turn out to be amazing. (Even if the wind is blowing and hair is covering your whole face, the photo is still probably gonna turn out great!) Probably cos the smile is genuine, that came from the surrounding and the moment. 

And so much for SG50 celebration right, just bring everyone to this spot!

I'm totally in the #Singaporepride moment.

P.S You can see me@oue restaurant at the back (See the OUE building, that has a few pillars and balcony on the top of the building? The building right behind the small UFO-lookalike tower). Cant believe I got invited there weeks after I took these photos for StyleXStyle Influncer party. #Stillstarstruck