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7 Things That Annoyed The Crap Out Of Me

7 Things That Annoyed The Crap Out Of Me, singapore blogger, photography, interior

*Flip tables*

7 Things That Annoyed The Crap Out Of Me, singapore blogger, photography, interior
7 Things That Annoyed The Crap Out Of Me, singapore blogger, photography, interior
7 Things That Annoyed The Crap Out Of Me, singapore blogger, photography, interior
7 Things That Annoyed The Crap Out Of Me, singapore blogger, photography, interior
7 Things That Annoyed The Crap Out Of Me, singapore blogger, photography, interior
7 Things That Annoyed The Crap Out Of Me, singapore blogger, photography, interior
7 Things That Annoyed The Crap Out Of Me, singapore blogger, photography, interior

I have been wanting to write about this topic for such a long time already. It took me a while to finally publish this as you can see, I have spent some time to procrastinate consolidate all the points in my notebook, and the first point was written down more than a year ago when I was still in Netherlands. And you may have also noticed, I have recently DIY two photo frames by compiling some of my travel photos. So everyone has some things that gets on their nerves so bad that make them want to screech and flip tables and here is a list of things that really make me want to flip tables:

#1. "Omw, 15 more minutes!"

This is a "phenomenon" that has gotten seemingly so prevalent in today's society. Although we have been taught since young, countlessly, that we should never be late. Remember how many times you were punished when you're late for school and gotten detention? Yet, none of those training/punishment/reinforcement has any effect of the people today. It really is very annoying, to me at least. If I have put in the effort to set the alarm on the previous night, dragged myself out of the bed, got ready and catch the bus just to meet you, I would very much appreciate the effort is reciprocated back to me. If I know I am going to be asked to wait and stand somewhere in the mall to wait for you for the additional 15 minutes, I would have very well sleep in for 15 more minutes or  do anything else in the world than to spent it standing around waiting for you because somehow you are late. 

I feel that even in the professional world, this is quite a common scenario as well. Although we have heard many times before from somewhere that as a businessman and if you're late for 15 minutes, you may have just lost yourself a deal. However, more and more people are seeing themselves as the boss/mighty one/universe/stuck up b*tch and believe in the idea of being fashionable late. You feel that it is alright to have the whole boardroom of people or meeting to be delayed because you think the world revolves around you. I am sure all successful people became successful cause they are always late for their meetings. 

#2. Cancelling on the Last Minute "Oh, I'm sorry, I realise I can't make it anymore."

This is a crime, and people should get locked up for doing this. Unless you have really valid reasons, I do not appreciate to be cancelled on the last minute, and especially if I have already stepped out of the house to meet you. I think this point is rather similarly to #1, that I would appreciate my effort of getting up and being ready to meet you to be reciprocated. 

#3. "..." / *Double tick*

This is one of the killer, dead spot for me, if you want to piss me off desperately, just don't reply my text. If you're a guy and you're reading this, you may think this is just a girl's problem, especially associated with insecurities. It may be true, but I am not here to write about gender differences. I am talking about very different scenarios in this case, such as when I asked a question or I need something or some information from you and your prompt reply is crucial as it will affect the following series of event or decision. Yet you just leave me looking at my screen with the blue tick marked across the message I just send you. For example, "do you want to meet tomorrow?", is it so hard to reply a simple yes or no? I suppose you want to wait and see if someone else more important will ask you out tomorrow or if anything else more important will crop out later, while I need to wait around for your reply in order to be able to plan out my schedule for tomorrow. Are you my universe, do I need to revolve and wait around for you like this, DO I DESERVE TO BE TREATED LIKE THIS!?!!

#4. "Yes I can finish the 45 pages report by tomorrow and sent it to you."

The problem of over promising is detrimental, as clearly you have over done something and nothing good can happen when you overdo something. Don't find yourself a big shoe to fill when you know you cannot fit. The disappointment and aftermath may be devastating. For example, in a case of a project, if the whole group is depending on you to do something, and you said you can but it turns out that you did not fulfil the task, this will badly affect and slow down the whole group's progress. 

#5. Rude People *Stares*

I remember 18 years ago when I first came to Singapore, yes I was almost still a baby, but I remember, or that the feeling lingered, that Singaporean in general, was so polite and well-mannered. People would say "sorry" and  "excuse me" whenever they bumped into someone else on the street. They were like angels to me as compared to the people, from where I came from, who are in general, more direct and loud. That well-mannerism became the way I grow up because I have seen and learn from the people around me. I have grown the habit of excusing myself whenever I should be, it comes very naturally to mouth, like I would not even need to think to say "sorry" whenever I knocked into others. However, almost 20 years later, I just don't feel/see that kind of mannerism anymore. Perhaps, people are taking things for granted now that someone else will apologise. They stop being  as well-mannered, stop being as polite and stop articulating as much even when they're clearly at fault. Now, people that bump into me, they will turn and stare, acknowledging that they did and just continue walking away. 

Well, I may be generalising and stereotyping, but I have experienced this more and more frequent now. 

#6. Rude Businesses - "Insincerity" 

This is kind of an extension from the previous point, but on a business level. Inarguably, we are not the country with best customer service level. However, the negativity and bad attitudes of some businesses can really be so annoying and pissed me off so badly. I usually will try not to be bothered and affected by these nasty businesses/people simply because its not worth it. (You got no right to ruin my day, no right!!) Nevertheless, I am just astonished by how businesses can be so unappreciative to their customers. What happened to the notion of "Customer is always right"? I am annoyed and frustrated because I feel that such business do not deserve to be around, but it should have ran out of customers and close down!

One of my personal experience I have encountered was that one day I was so excited to bring my mum to try out one of the famous Chee Kueh stall at Tiong Bahru Market (the one that always have a long queue), and after queuing for some time and its finally my turn, I made my order by saying I want 6. I did not specify as instinctively I thought everyone is queueing for their Chee Kueh and their main menu just state the number of Chee Kueh and the price. To my most shocking surprise, the lady replied, "What? If you don't know how to order, you can just go aside there's many other waiting." WTFQ2@#13!`&*%DA#$(! I will never, ever patronise or even walk near to that stall again.

Shoutout to all these nasty business around: Don't take your customers for granted, one day you may just run out of them.

#7. "No offense, but I personally would not wear the kind of shoes you are wearing."

People with low/no EQ are like poisonous gas slowly filling up a airtight room. It will reach a certain point that people in the room will die out of their poison/blatantness. Sometimes its hard to tell if someone is actually ignorant or they are just plain nasty. There is always the right time to say the right thing but some people are just incredible that they can find the worst time to say the worst thing. The most annoying part is that they don't even realise it! They are unable to sense any uneasiness, tense emotion or negative body language in the surrounding. For some, this may be an innate disability, however I feel that, their close friends or family should have sense it and let him/her know about this behaviour. Maybe it can be changed for the better.

To be fair, I am guilty of some of the things on the list once in a while. I am not saying I am never late or never miss a text. Nevertheless, this does not deny the fact that this list of things are really annoying and can irritate the hell out of others (or me, at least). For one, I find these extremely frustrating and I am finding a legit way of bitching by writing this post. It is a long post, I am not sure if you have enjoyed it, but I enjoyed it very much to be able to rant it out, finally.