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Of flowery, lace, retro and everything in between. 

As you may have noticed, my blog now has a brand new look and I really hope you like it as much as I do. I find myself changing my blog layout almost every holiday I have, partly cos I've time to do so and probably I'm just fickle-minded and can't stick to one theme for too long. My goal is keep improving and changing for the best so I hope this is a level up from the old theme and hopefully many more good things will come on its way too. 

I won't say that feminine is really my style. Given a choice I would rather wear shorts (beside my new fond of wearing pants) than skirts, let alone lace apparels. In my impression, I only have one other lace black dress and that's all. (Unless you've seen me in some thing else, you can refresh my memory). So this lace skirt; its a skirt, its lace, and its body-hugging, so it has thrice opposed to my usual outfit choice. But I am loving it. 

Maybe there is no relation between femininity and a lace skirt, but it sure makes me take smaller foot steps than usual (and it matches with the sofa lace doilies too).