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Adidas x Topshop

The one true love 

About two months ago when I moved house, while packing, I realised the gigantic amount of Adidas apparels I owned from top to dress to sport shorts to socks. All these are accumulated over the years, I can't even remember when I first started liking this brand. Ever since, it has just been growing on me and its my one true love that I stand by for all these years. For many years, my birthday presents will be something from Adidas, because all my friends know my fetish for it. That has definitely greatly added on to my collection, therefore, it was quite shocking to realise the amount of Adidas things I've owned after I packed my whole closet. Hence, my mum made me promise her to stop buying Adidas. Two months later, I've broke this promise. How can I walk out of the shop without this right! Actually, I did, but 10 minutes later, I went back in again and bought it. 

Love the loud striking colours and pattern of this jumper. It is a collaboration between Adidas and Topshop, so perhaps I am not really breaking the promise. It gives me sort of a KPOP vibe when wearing this. Somehow, owning a jumper just make me want to travel and make good use of its thickness to keep me warm in more temperate countries. 

P.S I really, desperately, want to travel overseas for a holiday.