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Shot with my iPhone 5

A rare Wednesday afternoon which Aaron is not in camp and I'm not busy with other things too, so we decided to have coffee. Or rather I convinced Aaron to come with me because I'd need someone to look after my things when I visit to the washroom. Haha. We're such good friends.

Ever since I moved to my new house, which is just across the street from the hippy cafes area in Singapore, it is actually my first time visiting these cafes. I think I came to these cafes more often before I moved. (Yea, my old house is just 5 streets down the road lol.) I think anyone can get caffeine-intoxication by hanging out too much with Aaron cos all we do together is drinking coffee. Anyways, time past really fast while having cakes and coffees (and a lot of bitching and judging). We bring out the worst in each other. HAHA.