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 At dusk

It was an eventful day in the sense that my heels broke on my way to meet Charis. It was before I even reach my destination and the heels failed me. In hindsight, I have not wore it for more than two years and I kind of had a funny feeling before stepping out of the year that such situation may happen. It turned out that my institution was right. So I limped across 2 streets to get to the cheapest shoe shop, thinking I would buy a cheap pair of slippers for the urgent situation. However, on the bright side, I found this pair of black sandal heels for a very decent price. It was a good buy in that situation, considering I though I would only be able to get a pair of slippers for that same price. Probably, its a blessing in disguise. 

P.S But I did get very bad wounds from the shoe as it cut into my flesh unmercifully.